Lavernia Projects

  • Located in Wilson and Guadalupe Counties, Texas
  • Hugo A. Gutierrez Jr. (HAGCO) and Nexera have a 50% split interest in the properties
  • In February 2020, Nexera acquired 31 oil and gas leases on approximately 3,550 acres, with the majority in the LaVernia, Linne (Poth A Sand) and Kaye (Navarro) fields, and certain related lease equipment (including but not limited to wellheads, pumpjacks, surface equipment, down-hole equipment, casing storage tanks, drillpipes, pumps, motors) from Advantagewon Oil Corp. This is the first time Nexera has acquired this large of a land position in South Texas
  • Nexera has identified numerous exploration opportunities (vertically and horizontally) in the Navarro, Poth, Austin Chalk and Eagleford formations
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